Free coupon SuiteCRM Plugin discount up to 15%
Free coupon SuiteCRM Plugin discount up to 15%

We understand not only who can have much money to buy any awesome add-on in The SuiteCRM Store. So, we create this article with purpose give you a free coupon SuiteCRM plugin. So, it will help you save money up to 15%. For begin, we will provide you a SuiteCRM Plugin developed by our team.…

Make recurring invoice in SuiteCRM
Make recurring invoice in SuiteCRM

How it works? Are your company’s is a company service for example: Software SAAS, or hosting provider or any industry need manage invoice by recurring or etc,… Are you a SuiteCRM user and you are managing your company’s invoices manually? is It taking much your time and maybe lost some invoice? you’re looking for a…

Manage your team in SuiteCRM with SecuritySuite – Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams plugin
Manage your team in SuiteCRM with SecuritySuite – Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams plugin

When you need to use SecuritySuite – Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams plugin? You need to manage role per teams instead personal with your CRM user. You want to only provide access to those employees that need it You want to away to creating and managing security groups is fast and easy You want to protect your…

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User Experience

They have re-designed the front-end of the application to not only make it look better but also enable users to perform actions easier and get access to key insights quicker

  • New Modern architecture, UI & Front End Framework
  • Basic Views/Navigation
  • Searching, Custom Views
  • Quick Insights

SuiteCRM 8 Core

From a technology perspective, the introduction of a new Core framework will lead to the deprecation of the legacy codebase leaving a leaner and more maintainable application.

Backwards Compatibility

Dev team will be introducing a compatibility mode that you can select by view and module that will be rendered in the new angular engine or will be referenced from SuiteCRM 7.

Standards & Extension

They are striving to make everything as extendible as possible following our design values. We are also introducing a new test suite for Angular UI and the SuiteCRM 8 core.

Download SuiteCRM 8 Official

Let’s download for free from SuiteCRM Official website:

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