User Experience

They have re-designed the front-end of the application to not only make it look better but also enable users to perform actions easier and get access to key insights quicker

  • New Modern architecture, UI & Front End Framework
  • Basic Views/Navigation
  • Searching, Custom Views
  • Quick Insights

SuiteCRM 8 Core

From a technology perspective, the introduction of a new Core framework will lead to the deprecation of the legacy codebase leaving a leaner and more maintainable application.

Backwards Compatibility

Dev team will be introducing a compatibility mode that you can select by view and module that will be rendered in the new angular engine or will be referenced from SuiteCRM 7.

Standards & Extension

They are striving to make everything as extendible as possible following our design values. We are also introducing a new test suite for Angular UI and the SuiteCRM 8 core.

Download SuiteCRM 8 Official

Let’s download for free from SuiteCRM Official website:

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