Stripe Integration with SuiteCRM: A plugin that integrates Stripe, a popular payment processing platform, with SuiteCRM. This plugin allows you to embed a “Buy Now” button or send a payment link to the client, making it easy for them to pay their invoices online. MTS Stripe Integration supports a variety of credit and debit cards, so you can accept payments from a global audience

Create Payment link with MTS Stripe integration with SuiteCRM

Benefits to using MTS Stripe Integration

  • Increased convenience for your customers: Your customers can pay their invoices quickly and easily with a few clicks of a button.
  • Improved cash flow: You can get paid faster when your customers can pay their invoices online.
  • Reduced fraud: Stripe is a secure payment processing platform that helps to protect you from fraud.
  • Increased flexibility: You can accept payments from a variety of credit cards and debit cards
  • Stripe Integration for SuiteCRM: Save time and hassle by automating your payment processing
Insert the payment link in the invoice to send for the client with Stripe Integration

More features in MTS Stripe Integration with SuiteCRM waiting for your discovery. Let’s try It by click on the above link

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