Manage your team in SuiteCRM with SecuritySuite – Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams plugin

When you need to use SecuritySuite – Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams plugin?

  • You need to manage role per teams instead personal with your CRM user.
  • You want to only provide access to those employees that need it
  • You want to away to creating and managing security groups is fast and easy
  • You want to protect your data highest but not hampering the efforts of your team members

Why you must try it?

  • Protect your data very important
  • Greatly your CRM features
  • Over 10 years developed
  • Developed by own of the SuiteCRM Store
  • Excellent support from eggsurplus
  • Thousands of businesses like yours are already using SecuritySuite and happy

The client reviews

Client reviews on SecuritySuite - Enhanced SuiteCRM Teams
The client reviews on SecuritySuite – SuiteCRM Teams plugin

Key features

  • Multiple assigned users [Enterprise & Professional only]
  • Grant admin rights to normal users [Professional only]
  • Create different layouts for different groups/teams
  • Quickly help by logging in as any user
  • Filter search results by groups/teams
  • See assigned groups on views
  • Assign Create permissions. Great for data entry positions.
  • Speed up user setup with quick role grid setup feature
  • Quickly assign or remove a group from many records at one time
  • Hookup custom modules to groups
  • Assign multiple groups to records
  • Communicate with the group message dashlet
  • Filtered My Activity Stream
  • Assign Inbound Emails to groups

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